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December 14 2008

I love Oasis, I feel for poor Noel... I've got a brother names Liam that I want to punch sometimes as well.

Nice work by the way.

December 05 2008

Has anyone used Digsby?
It looks like it wants to install some crapware onto my Windows system. Does anyone know if this is the case?

December 01 2008

Play fullscreen
The Gauchos and their phonetic cover of The Trooper by Iron Maiden

November 27 2008

Is the disconnected whack job celebrity truther hole in your life a constant pain and or ache?
Well good news...
Rosie is back... and she is everything she attempts to be... a load of pandering crap

November 19 2008

Cisco VPN client. Not liking it at all... but the best part is not being able just go and download an update. I need a note from my mother or something.

November 18 2008

So here is my WTF Wednesday, sorta.

My wife and I had dinner guests this weekend.

I have recently re-connected with an old college friend, and former girlfriend. At first I thought it would be too weird, but I was wrong.

It turns out her husband and I not only work for the same organization, but we have a lot in common. Their children are great, and my son really loves to spend time with them.

So while this should be a WTF Wednesday post, it isn't.
I doubt I could ever have this happen again with any of the the other women I had dated in my life. But this has been a nice surprise.

November 16 2008

Just got back from the Wife Swap shooting. The director had his remote tablet viewer thing... I need one of those.... I don't know for what yet, but I need one.
I think the Boy is going to be in the show, and so will I , since I was told, that they would prefer I stopped being so obvious with filming from the waiting room.
Ah well.

November 05 2008

Until this morning there had been two types of Americans that I would say I hated.
Those who would not have voted for Obama because he is black, and those that would vote for Obama strictly because he is black.
Both lines of thought come from the same dead end of small mindedness.
But you know what.
Sitting here this morning, I don't really care. He won, there is hope for change. Today just feels a little better.
Hopefully his administration can get into the White House today so that they can make sure the Bush criminals don't do more damage on the way out.

November 03 2008

Working from home today as I am home with a sick child.

My son is funny. He never lets on that he is feeling ill, until he is really pretty sick. Unless we see him acting "sick" before hand, we have no idea.

November 01 2008

I am really not liking this Halloween.
So far, and it not even 10pm here in NY, my car has been hit by paint balls, and I have had to chase a group of feral children away from my house.
There was a group of about 15 young teen boys just sitting in front of my house. They are all wearing black or dark colors, with hoodies. They are obviously going to be up to no good at all tonight. All but one of them started to move off when I pulled up in front of my house.
But what happened next just floored me. Not one, but two SUV's pulled up to my corner, and out came two more little mafia hoodlum wannabees... they had been dropped off by their mothers! WTF? I tried to stop on of them, but she avoided eye contact and kept driving.
Can you believe that? Mothers, driving their young sons to a strange neighborhood, for obviously bad intentions.
I will not try to claim I was a Saint as a teen, I am sure it was the opposite, but I had to work to hide it from my parents. How can our society improve when you have parents like this who are either too dumb or don't care about their children doing the wrong thing.
It makes me mad.
Just venting.

October 28 2008

So two skinheads are arrested for plotting to kill Barack Obama.
Their plan of murder and death was to conclude with the two of them, driving at the Senator, guns a-blaze as they hang out the windows of the car into certain death and a hail of bullets.
Wasn't this the ending of "Thelma and Lousie?"

I am not a psychiatrist, but I am betting there would have been a final admission of love between these two.

I would think coming up with a plan like this would suggest a high degree of self hate.

It is a shame that people like these two are still being created in our modern world.

October 23 2008

I am listening to the new Oasis album.
Nothing really new here.
If your an Oasis fan, I think you will like this album.
If not, aside from one or two tracks, there is nothing really to draw someone in. Certainly not something that will bring back their old glory days.
That pretty much goes for the Verve album that was just released. Fan service albums, really nothing more if you are going to be fair.
But as a fan, they RAWK!!!!

October 16 2008

Someone in my office doesn't like my Obama "Hope" poster.

When I returned to my cubicle this morning I found a note covering my Obama "Hope" poster.

It was printed on a piece of letter paper that had the top and bottom cut off, most likely to hide who had printed it. So it looks like a ransom note, or perhaps the manifesto of some serial killer.

Here is what the note said. Not edited. Not joking.

"Don't vote for osma I mean obama bin laden I mean osma hussan barack?"


My boss is pissed. He wants to set up a camera and try to catch who did this.

We publish Scientific Journals, copy editing is actually done in this building for some of those Journals.

So, I have marked this note for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. I am going to include a note to make corrections and re-submit.

I think this will make the head explode of whomever left this note.

What do you think?

October 13 2008

Listening to TWIT for this week.

Is it just me, or does Harry McCracken have THE worst voice for podcast/radio. It actually hurts to listen to him.
He does sound a bit like a computer, which is almost cool, but the complete package is just very grating.

October 12 2008

Trying to finish prep for tomorrows Yard Sale.
Going to be an early morning and a long day.
My goal is to just get as much crap out of this house as possible.
We have been here 7 years, and there is much crap. And more clothes then I thought a little boy could have ever possibly worn.

October 09 2008

I have to admit that I am listening to the new Alanis Morrissette album, and I am huge fan or her music.
So after having been found on Facebook by an old friend from college, (One of the Mary's from period in my life when I was dating multiple women/girls named Mary.) I have been found by some other friends.
Kitty and Pet.
Both female, but just friends. Truly.
The wife is not as happy as I am.

September 03 2008

Sarah Palin?
I mean really, she isn't even old enough to be McCain's second Trophy wife, and we are expected to believe she could run the country?
I love Soccer Mom MILFS as much as the next perv, but come on'...

August 26 2008

Just for the record, not a big fan of the new Office file formats.
They just are not good, and with Word, equations become low res gif images... GIF?!??!?!
Not cool.

July 16 2008

It's going to be a good day today.
It's free ice cream day at the Institute.
Nothing makes the day seem smoother then the promise of a nice soft server cone around 3pm.
A better way to end the day I do not know.
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